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A Minnesota Proposal.

        Saturday was the perfect day to get out, breathe some fresh air, and soak up one of Winter's finest calm days.  It was a little grey- yes- but beautiful, still, and just a touch warmer than predicted.  Erik had planned the perfect surprise proposal with an...

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Carson + Meghan

  Carson + Meghan : Married at last.     Carson and Meghan made a decision.  After being engaged for 'what seems like forever', these two decided to throw caution to the wind.  They were ready to be married and weren't interested in the all-too-typical year-plus of planning that...

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The Heartbeat; Brule, Wisconsin

If Lake Superior is the heart of our Midwestern shores, then our rivers are the twisting and turning life-carrying veins upon which so many stories have been carried, and many more await their chance to be told.  Adrienne and Nick chose to kick off the start of their forever-together story...

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Praise for: Larsmont Cottages

Weddings on Lake Superior hold a special tone all their own.  While there are many beautiful and enchanting places to explore in the Northwoods, Lake Superior has a special draw of it's own and it seems to attract a certain kind of down-to-earth fun-loving adventuresome sort of...

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Traveling.  There's something really rejuvenating about getting out into the world.  Leaving your home base and the norm of every day to-dos behind temporarily for the satisfaction of checking places off of your 'must-see' list and expanding your horizons. One of my favorite things about traveling is...