Sternberg Studios Photography | “THAT was the most amazing day.”
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“THAT was the most amazing day.”

“THAT was the most amazing day.”

Processing what it means to have been a working, professional photographer for fifteen years is a true exercise in time travel. One musn’t forget to mention the 5 or so years of ‘taking pictures’ with various cameras, processing endless rolls of film, and basically learning from mistake after mistake long before embarking on this adventure called “starting a business.” (That makes for 20 years of playing with cameras, folks.)

I don’t think there’s been an actual time warp device invented, but maybe that’s just it- I’ve been time warped and don’t know that it’s been invented at all! That’s the story I’m going to go with…. In all seriousness, it’s amazing to think that I’ve been photographing weddings professionally for 15 years now. 2018 starts off with a bang with the Duluth Bridal Show just around the corner and I am excited to showcase our new booth set up for you fine people. I’ve found myself reflecting on the lessons over the years. The junk, the triumphs, the wasted time, finding out the time wasn’t wasted after all, making really beautiful art, opening a new album or print when it arrives in the mail, meeting and working with so so many amazing people, and watching the multitude of prints come to life in the darkroom developer chemicals….

It feels like I’ve been working in the darkroom this whole time. Processing the film, carefully lining up the paper, timing the prints, going back to dodge and burn them just a touch here, and processing the print when it’s finally reached it’s perfect timing and temperature. All I have to do is breathe patiently while the image comes to life on the paper floating in the chemicals. 15 years is here. There’s a rhythm to the process. There’s a brand. A type of imagery. A service. Trust in my skills and work. Trust in the process. The many years spent in the darkroom were spelling out the metaphor that I’d recognize one day. How totally cool.

This year I’m keeping it simple. Only taking on select wedding and elopement sessions. An entire day of wedding photography equals an investment of $3500 for all clients. Add on an album, or don’t. (I highly recommend you do, they’re stunning.) Eloping? Cool. I’ll tag along and tell your story, too. It’s your day, your call. At the end I want you to have stunning images that you will always look back to and think, “THAT was the most amazing day. THESE are the most amazing photographs.” Pure, simple. Cut the unnecessary and enjoy the process.

Michelle Sternberg
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