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Traveling.  There’s something really rejuvenating about getting out into the world.  Leaving your home base and the norm of every day to-dos behind temporarily for the satisfaction of checking places off of your ‘must-see’ list and expanding your horizons. One of my favorite things about traveling is the knowledge gained by having new experiences and meeting new people.  It’s something to meet new people out of your normal element.  Maybe I’m just a big fan of meeting people?  Our most recent travels featured the AmTrak, a tiny ski town, just under 7,000 feet of elevation, and a tour of Glacier National Park- on crutches.

The whole trip really was great- the train ride from Fargo, ND to Whitefish, MT was just lovely!  I’d never been on a passenger train in the US before, and it was such a convenient way to travel.  Plenty of space for ski/snowboard gear, sleeping through the night rather than driving, and a true restaurant-style dining car.  We arrived in Whitefish fresh and ready to go.  The plan was to ski for 2-3 days and then spend the rest of our trip hiking, snowshoeing, and generally exploring Montana without a real set schedule- just take each day and do whatever fit our mood, the weather, etc.  The first two days were perfection.  Gorgeous views and beautiful weather with 30+ degree temps meant skiing would be first on the list.  We rode the chair lift up to the top of the summit and were greeted with the most amazing views.  You could see for miles and miles- something seen on occasion but fairly uncommon in the Whitefish area, which has a local reputation for being generally cloudy at the summit and beyond.  We took pictures, skied a gorgeous run, and had lunch on the summit.

That’s when it happened.  First day, second run… knee sprain.  Yup, you gotta pay attention when you’re skiing down a mountain folks.  (haha?)  I’ll own up and say it’s my own fault.  Not even a great story to tell- I looked back, my weight shifted, and in a very unglorified swipe my left knee was sprained.  Life lesson 1.004: If you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, you just might miss something.  I think I was a little too tuned in to the whole everything-looks-so-beautiful-and-amazing-from-up-here vacation mode.  So the remainder of the trip meant a rented car, lots of hobbling around town, and generally finding ways to enjoy being laid up.  There’s nothing to complain about there either- lots of amazing restaurants, coffee, and crepes!  Fresh crepes… I made a mountain inspired cake plate with mosaic tiles at a local non-profit art studio while Jake snowboarded on one of the most amazing snow days.  The world was telling me to pay attention and slow down for some reason.  Message received.  So I’m here looking forward to when I can put these crutches away, but in the meantime here’s a little take-a-way:  Walking is great. Pay attention. Observe your surroundings.  Don’t waste your time and talents.  Forcibly slowing down gave me time to focus on a few items that really needed attention- so thanks, world, for the message.


The newest collaboration of favorites, for you.


House of Cards : If you’re a netflix person, this show is gritty, engaging, and power-driven.  It helps that Kevin Spacey is one of my all-time favorite actors.  Robin Wright crushes her character.  Season 4 is up today.

Montana.  The mountains.  Period.  Pick a spot and get yourself out there.  Beauty is everywhere.

Serious savings on gear for all of my outdoor gear-geek friends.  Seriously nice savings.  Because we have four seasons here and we need to be prepped for them all, right?  Scored a great pair of Keens recently…

Ski Town Apres Ski Cookbook by Vail resident, Jennie Iverson.  Loula’s cafe in Whitefish has some of the most amazing pies.  Their Blue Cheese Cheesecake is featured in this book.  It’s all you need to know to know that you should own this book.

This website for brides.  Because combining textures with serious style is where it’s at.


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