Sternberg Studios Photography | Favorites List : 12.6.2015
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Favorites List : 12.6.2015

boudoir photographer, superior, duluth, duluth MN, boudoir get a way, photographer

Favorites List : 12.6.2015

Every year during this time I find myself attempting to re-establish that whole magical life-work balance that comes after a really amazing (nearly finished) photography season.  So here’s what I’ve been up to these past three weeks.

  1. Tuning out the clutter: Clearing the over-saturated email box full of ‘ending today’ sales- still rolling in from Black Friday mind you- that inevitably end up re-starting immediately the next day or being ‘extended’ for another week… delete, delete, delete.  A tidied up inbox feels mentally freeing.
  2. Loving this fitbit: A big goal of mine this Fall/Winter has been to get outside more and start running again.  I love my studio of course, but woods and moving are always appreciated and have a special place in my heart.  Seriously- this little watch- talk about some motivation.
  3. Navigating the seas: Shiny objects are distracting to us visual folks, so when I’m browsing the web- sales I clicked on, products I’m researching, various video feeds, testing out new studio systems- I’m trying to adopt a new filtering technique that’s (so far) working out pretty well.  Announcing the arrival of the favorites list.
  4. Finally, and probably what has helped me the most to adjust to a relaxing not-quite-so-busy time of year, is our upcoming boudoir get-a-way weekend.  I’m so so very excited about how this has all come together so flawlessly.  From the B&B where we’ll be shooting to the set up with all of the talented ladies helping us out.  If you missed the newsletter the launch goes out tomorrow, but until then enjoy this gorgeous shot of our friend Michelle and the shiny things listed below.



boudoir photographer, superior, duluth, duluth MN, boudoir get a way, photographer


Favorites List   12.6.2015


This online shop for whole foods loving chefs.  The cookbook.

This little hidden gem up in Canada.

A spectacular artist’s studio in the woods here in WI.  Cider, homemade cookies, and they even offer glass blowing classes.

Mary is a super-talented local singer, and her indie gift guide highlights several unique and relatively un-heard-of Duluth local artists and gifting opportunities if you’re looking to #havealocalholiday this year.

I’ve loved following this blog for the last three-ish? years.  Hand lettering is beauteous.

Knit stuff?  Get amazing yarn for your holiday projects.

Ginny has amazing serious soft flowy style and makes gorgeous ribbons for brides who are looking for a flowing pastel palette.

For those who love a paper planner.  This one does the job and helps you keep track of your goal-oriented progress throughout the year.  You can order a hard copy or download and print one for yourself.






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