Sternberg Studios Photography | Greysolon Ballroom Father-Daughter Dance
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Greysolon Ballroom Father-Daughter Dance

Greysolon Ballroom Father-Daughter Dance

Last night was the third annual, and first of this year, Father Daughter Dance put on by Greysolon Ballroom.  Imagine about 75 little princesses running around, dancing, wiggling, hugging, making silly faces- all consuming untold amounts of sugar… The night will end for most snoozing on Daddy’s shoulder- crown dangling from the side of their hair and grasping to the last precious bag of caramel corn- but until that moment all happiness and pure girlieness ensues.  Dad thought he might be able to keep up with the girls, but alas the tiny princess dancers prevail.

Everyone- and I do mean everyone- has a blast at this event.  To all you Dads who got out on that floor and busted a move- or two, or four- you guys rock!  I love seeing the fathers and their girls spending time, one-on-one and really having an evening to just be; Dad and Daughter.  The love and joy in this room is beautiful.

All would eventually leave with smiling faces, memories they will never forget, and a nice cup of coco to top off the evening sugar consumption.  Enjoy the photographs.  If you attended last night’s event, you can find the entire gallery (and if so desired, order a print or two) here: tiny princess ball

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Venue: Greysolon Ballroom by Blackwoods, Food: Blackwoods Catering, Treats: How Sweet It Is Cakes – Fannie Rose Candy Shop – Blackwoods Catering, DJ: Sounds Unlimited, Photo Booth: Duluth Photo Booth, Photography: Yours Truly- Sternberg Studios Photography


Michelle Sternberg
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