Sternberg Studios Photography | On a chilly day near Lake Superior, a Duluth bridal session.
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On a chilly day near Lake Superior, a Duluth bridal session.

On a chilly day near Lake Superior, a Duluth bridal session.

They say it’s always ‘warmer by the lake’ here in the Twin Ports.  I’ve lived here almost my entire life, and it seems to stay true.  Today’s temperature of about -32, counting wind chill and all, makes me happy that we are in fact a bit closer to the the big blue gitch with her pretty shores and beautiful ice this time of year.  Considering there’s usually about a 5-10+ degree swing being ‘closer’ to the lake, that means all of you up in the Hibbing, Virginia, Grand Rapids areas are sure getting a cold snap.  What is the true temperature up there today?

A current portrait of my office looks something like this: a space heater in the corner, the office is door closed to keep the extra heat in, two pups are feeling a bit of cabin fever despite an earlier (very short) walk and have been very adorably sitting at my feet pretty much all day.  There is jazz music is playing in the background, Rosie is sitting on my lap being her usual helpful self, and I am here with you in blog land typing and drinking somewhat cooled off tea.

I think today is a great day to introduce you to Lauren and Nicole.  These two beautiful Italian ladies braved last Sunday’s crazy cold temperatures to model some beautiful dresses outside, in the snow, by the lake- temps that I do think felt a bit colder than today probably does  to all of us.  We were cold.  They were rockstars.  While I ran around outside in my parka scouting the best spots to shoot from, they were warming up in a nice toasty car between shoots.

This is how it goes- you can spend weeks planning a shoot only to be surprised with a deep cold snap- or some other out-of-your-control snafu- and you get limited time to shoot.  It’s kind of like a real wedding where anything can happen, so you do your best and plan for the ‘anythings’ that could come up.  Only this was not a real wedding- it was a planned styled shoot.  We could have cancelled- stayed warm, picked a different day, and stayed tucked in our offices and homes, but we didn’t.  Because these two girls ROCK.  The photographs are absolutely worth every chilly moment.  Thank you to my ladies and; 2 Dye 4 Salon for hair and makeup, Valentinis Vicino Lago for reception seating styling, Silver Rose Bridal for the gorgeous gowns and tailoring, and Tycoons– who let us use their beautiful space for indoor photographs.




Michelle Sternberg
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